Cantor Bob Cohen

Cantor Bob's Gallery

Here are a selection of photos from throughout Bob Cohen's career. Click the links below the photo to see more images.

1. Alpher, Litt & Cohen, stars of "Another Serving of Irving"
Learn more about "Another Serving of Irving (Berlin)" and how you can have Jennie, David, and CantorBob perform this show for your group.
2. Alpher, Litt & Cohen, again
3. New World Singers album cover, Bob Cohen is on the left
4. Bob Cohen and his wife, Pat
5. Cantor Bob at the keys
6. New World Singers promo (l-r: Gil Turner, Happy Traum, Delores Dixon and Bob Cohen)
7. New World Singers promo (l-r: Happy Traum, Gil Turner and Bob Cohen)
8. Sabrina Ferguson Bax and Bob Cohen Paint the World in Song
9. Sabrina Ferguson Bax and Bob Cohen
10. Bob & his wife Pat sent by artist, Tibor Spitz and his wife Noemi

More photos to come...