Cantor Bob Cohen


Godyssey "Godyssey" (an odyssey, journey, with God's Love as a guide) is a program that Bob did for Kingston Public Access TV for about 5 years beginning around 1996. The programs mainly featured him singing songs around a theme such as - patriotism, love, children, tributes (to John Denver, Bob Dylan etc) and holidays (both Jewish and Christian) - Eventually there will be a list of these programs which are being transfered to dvd's and their song content as well as some excerpts from them. They will be available for $10 per program. They would be particularly good for folks who want to gather around at a party or in a residence to sing along.  Almost as good as having Cantor Bob there live!

Above: Godyssey Intro / They Call The Wind Maria

Above: Cantor Bob Cohen sings "If I were a Rich Man"
from "Fiddler on the Roof" on Godyssey.