Cantor Bob Cohen

Cantor Bob Cohen
Cantor Bob Cohen


Welcome to my web site, CantorBob.Com.

I am Cantor Bob Cohen of Temple Emanuel in Kingston, and Chair of the Ulster County Religious Council. I'm also a singer-songwriter, entertainer, and avid reader interested in ancient Judaism and early Christianity, as well as the contemporary world of religious song and thought. I also have a passion for thrillers and detective stories.

Cantor Bob Cohen


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What you will find here includes:

My Bio: what I've done, where I've been, who I've met. It's been a fascinating journey so far...

My Gallery: photos and mementos from my life.

Discography: you can sample my 3 CDs: Faithsongs, Singing Prayers, & They Ain't Writing Them Like They Used To, and also excerpts from my TV program "Godyssey", and we're setting up a system so that you can order them from me.

Godyssey: a local Hudson Valley cable TV show featuring my music.

Articles: newspaper articles about me from the NY Times to the Woodstock Times

Events: shows and upcoming gigs.

Browse, peruse, click away, enjoy!

Also, don't forget to check out my Blog! See what I'm doing, what I'm singing, what I'm reading...